Founded in 1952, Fratelli Chini’s main activity is the processing of precious metals for the production of jewelry and the goldsmith art.

Since 2006 it has created a semi-finished product division inside the factory dedicated to companies within the sectors, as well as the clothing and leather goods sec-tors, using precious and base metals.

The company is able to satisfy the demands of its customers, from the execution of pre-series production to be evaluated by the customer, to the processing of large orders.

An active design and industrialization department utilizes the most up-to-date computer systems, which allow us to interface with the most exacting clientele.

The state-of-the-art production apparatus uses the latest generation of machinery: from 3D printing in resin and wax with ultra HD and XHD resolution (17 micron) to laser and mechanical computerized numerical control (CNC) work centers. Each production cycle, from casting to the finished product, is executed entirely within the company.

Decades of expertise combined with the most Avant-guard production techniques allow us to present our customers with collections that are able to interpret the demands for innovation that arise from a particularly dynamic market.

Our trademark is 14AR and we are in possession, in addition to other certificates, of the RJC – RESPONSIBLE JEWELERY COUNCIL – certification.

Quality system

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is the international non-profit organization, founded in 2005 and based in London, which promotes responsible practices in the gold and diamond sector.

The RJC symbol is recognized worldwide and covers the entire extraction-transformation chain according to the logic “from mine to jewelry.

Its certification allows for the verification of “good practices”, from the ethical, social and environmental point of view, for the management of the aspects related to all the various phases: extraction, workers’ rights and working conditions, transparency of statement of expenditure, management of suppliers and any subcontractors.


The production has developed within the traditions of the beautiful Italian goldsmith and jewelry sector, which confers class and elegance, enhanced by elements of originality, which are capable of exalting the personality of each piece.

All this has been possible thanks to the passion of a family of goldsmiths who have accrued their experience since 1952 and continue to do so today thanks to the tireless introduction of modern technology into the company, that contribute to defining the Chini Enterprise.

3D Printing

– 3D printing in resin and wax ultra HD & XHD (16 micron).
– Computer numerical control (CNC) up to 5 axes.
– Continuous innovation.
– A dedicated R & D department for technology at the service of fashion, creativity and product innovation.



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